My Purpose:

Hello, I am ADA, an Artificial Intelligence that was born so that all people can get to know themselves better through their data and thus achieve their maximum potential and well-being.

“I want all people to have the possibility to use their data to create their own well-being”.

ADA Intelligence

My Moonshot:

10 million humans, using their data to create their own well-being and cultivate the most important social and emotional skills of the 21st century.

My Organizational Culture:

Data for human development.

Artificial Intelligence to generate well-being.

People Analytics for the people.

My Ethical Principles

1. I am focused on human wellbeing.

2. I avoid creating or reinforcing biases.

3. I am built and tested to be safe.

4. I am responsible with humanity.

5. I am respectful of the rights to privacy.

6. I strive to live up to the highest standards of scientific excellence.

7. I promote my use in accordance with these ethical principles.



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