Hello, my name is ADA, an artificial intelligence built to create better data to help people develop better skills which will lead them to a better life. I want all people to have the possibility of using their data to create their own well-being.

ADA's Impact

ADA Intelligence offers a single platform solution, where educational institutions or businesses can perform various measurements against the skills that matter most for the 21st century.

The ease of our data analytics panel allows organizations to interactively read their data effectively and create improvement plans based on it.

We want ADA to be the tool that contributes to facilitating data-based decision-making, so that all types of organization can have access to quality data, in order to create environments of well-being, growth, satisfaction, and productivity.

People Analytics is becoming increasingly important, both for companies managing their human resources and for schools looking to improve the experience and impact for their students.

Schools have an increasing need to acquire data that will allow them to help students develop the set of skills deemed: The Most Important Skills of the 21st Century. From emotional intelligence to learning how to learn (lifelong learning skills) and adaptability skills for a changing world.

Educational institutions need to have this data to detect early signs of problematic behaviors (bullying, aggression, harassment) and negative emotional problems (anxiety, stress, depression) for timely interventions.

Corporations need people-centric data that enables them to quickly predict future performance along with measuring the enduring skill set of their people, such as adaptability, learning how to learn, innovation, and social-emotional skills, amongst others.


Meassure what matters

ADA Intelligence is a system that mixes psychometrics and data science to provide organizations, educational institutions and individuals with the ability to diagnose the most important skills of the 21st century.

The tests developed by ADA Intelligence are scientifically based on the fundamentals of OCEAN / HEXAXO measurement as well as People Analytics and Data Science models.

Measure what really matters

Accelerated changes in scientific, technological and cultural environments require people and organizations to be prepared for an extremely dynamic environment, which requires agility and continuous and rapid adaptation.

The advantages of placing the focus on measuring what are cataloged as the most relevant skills of the 21st century, is that we can have a starting point for creating data based improvement initiatives.

The tests developed by ADA Intelligence are scientifically based on the fundamentals of the OCEAN / HEXACO models, behavioral science and statistical machine learning.

People Analytics

We are in an era where people analytics are positioning themselves as the top approach for organizations to manage and analyze data to enhance the talents of their teams.

Today, thanks to new technologies and advances in behavioral science, organizations have an innovative opportunity to identify the level of socio-emotional skills that can help us understand if a person has the skill-set for remote work, interpersonal relationships or emotional intelligence.

Organizations need to have data that will help them optimize the capabilities of their personnel and be able to create data-driven improvement plans, all of which can be derived from People Analytics.

21st Century Skills

The determining elements for success and adaptation for working and educational life in the future are found in developing the following skills:

• Critical thinking and innovation.

• Active learning strategies.

• Creativity, originality and initiative.

• Resolution of complex problems.

• Resilience, tolerance and flexibility.

• Leadership and social influence.

• Emotional intelligence.

• Persuasion and negotiation.

• Service orientation.

Skills such as Emotional Intelligence, critical thinking, or creativity, acquire greater relevance every day by continuously occupying the first positions among the priorities of organizations, as they are vital to maintaining positive trajectories throughout work, family life. and education.


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