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Facing the challenge of measuring 21st century skills is ADA Intelligence's contribution to the future of work.

Preparing for the future of work, and cultivating the necessary skills to adapt, is the formula to navigate the waters of disruption and change that technology brings.

The ADA Intelligence assessments allow us to measure the most important social-emotional skills for the 21st century, in a systematic and simple way, offering organizations and people the possibility of having a starting point, which tells us where we are today, in order to Create a program that allows you to strengthen or develop the skills we want to promote.

In this context, ADA Intelligence is born, a system that mixes psychometrics and data science to provide organizations and people with the tools to diagnose the most important skills of the 21st century.

The assessments developed by ADA Intelligence are scientifically based on the OCEAN / HEXACO models together with Machine Learning.

ADA Impact

Ada Intelligence is a dynamic Software as a Services Solution that includes a variety of assessments, an assessment management platform, and an interactive data analytics and results dashboard.

A people assessment and analytics solution built for today's world, with a model that enables consistent and ongoing data collection, along with analytic tools that make it easy to understand data, make data-driven decisions, and be able to act on it. based on predictive models.

Organizations will be able to solve all of their assessment needs in one place, without the need for complicated training, plus the ease of creating a constant stream of data for people analysis.

Ada Intelligence has a set of evaluation options, which facilitates the acquisition of tests, eliminating for organizations any type of hassle due to complex negotiations or licenses.

The platform was created with comfort in use in mind, and under the highest security standards and compliance with the strictest requirements for privacy and handling of personal or sensitive data (European Union standards).


For companies, ADA means the possibility of knowing their collaborators at their socio-emotional levels, they will be able to improve hiring processes, increase retention and optimize the development and growth of each person within a work environment that is designed for continuous improvement. .

This translates into higher performance, better overall satisfaction, and lower staff turnover.

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